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Internet Chess Tournaments

Page history last edited by Mike Games 13 years, 8 months ago

Many players from South Carolina can be found on http://www.chess.com


Anyone interested in an internet team tournament Tuesday November 4th? Let me know, I know I could field a team from Daniel High School.   The pilot tournament was a sucess, so I think its about time to try another.  Mick



09/30/08 UPDATE:  piliot date moved.  Pending Spring Valley. 

09/22/08 UPDATE: Registration Form will have USCF rating added.  Meeting with WCL to be educated tomorrow Tuesday 2/23 

09/22/08 UPDATE: From WCL - Draft rules -  Rules 2008 SouthCarolina Team.doc

The following may also be helpful for rule making - "The teams have a specified number of players (usually 4 and 6) and they are paired as teams, with Board 1 playing Board 1, Board 2 against Board 2, etc. If the score is tied, the first board result determines the winning team, if the first board is a draw, the second board result determines the winning team, etc. The team that wins the match gets 1 match point, the losing team 0. Teams are paired against other teams with the same number of match points, just as individuals would be in a normal swiss system. Boards must be played in rating order with unrated players allowed to play any board. Board order may not be switched (for unrated players) in the middle of the tournament. Most tournaments allow alternates; that is, if it is a four-board tournament, you can have a fifth player who can play in some of the rounds. A team is paired with an average rating of its top N boards, where N is the number that play (e.g., a four-board team with an alternate has an average team rating of its highest four players). Unrateds do not count toward the team average."

09/22/08 UPDATE:  Site may be helpful for modeling rules - http://www.uschessleague.com/rules.html


09/19/08 UPDATE:  Spring Valley - not out until 3:33, 4:15 would probably be pretty good.  Two rounds? That puts us finishing around 6 or a little there after.

09/19/08 UPDATE:  DW Daniel - the 30th should work for us, but 3:30 would be better since school does not let out until 3:15, 4:00 might even be a safer time.

09/19/08 UPDATE:  Spring Valley - we could play the pilot game as early as Sept. 30th if the Daniel players can make it.


09/19/08 UPDATE:  Created Team Registration Form  Team Registration Form.xls

09/19/08 UPDATE:  Mick provided 11 USCF players real names for D. W. Daniel High School

09/17/08 UPDATE:  WCL is requesting the following from the participanting team(s).

> 1. Time control

          G/29 for pilot

> 2. Participants usernames and their real name

          (perhaps standard team or school format)

> 3. Coaches/TDs/officials usernames

> 4. Coaches/TDs/officials cell phone numbers and land line numbers at the location of the event

> Also knowing the groups locations, geographically,might prove useful to us.

Pass info to me and I will pass along to WCL.  Mike


09/17/08 UPDATE:  

* Time controls - G/29

09/16/08 UPDATE:

* Time controls - G/60 for pilot 


PENDING date & locations & player names & TD names


09/16/08 UPDATE:  Question, suggestions, & concerns....not only welcome, but encouraged :)

* Team - may be comprised of any student player in the same county, later we should consider narrowing to school district, then school.


For limited pilot, 3 players and 1 alternate...later the number of players/boards determined by the two schools (5 or 6 max may be best)


All players must be USCF members or USCF Junior Tournament members


* Format - Team Play i.e. board 1 vs. board 1  and board 2 v. board 2  etc. (no RR or SS)


* Time controls - less than G/30 for pilot to protect regular ratings for technical or process issues.

Otherwise, at least G/60 is probably best.


* Location - any computer location with internet access to WCL should be considered, school computers or college campus or any quiet Wi-Fi ‘hot spot’


* TD – school team provides at each site ( best if TD does NOT play, but acceptable in pilot if no other option)


* Option - Second Full Pilot - after all technical, logistics and process issues resolved from pilot 1 - 5 or 6 players with G/60 time control.


* Date - agreeable Saturday (to avoid competition with after school activities) October 27 ?? 

...maybe EVERY forth Saturday for planning purposes ?


* Team 'coach' provide - team name - player names & board rank - location - TD name


09/13/08 UPDATE:  NEXT STEP - In order (for WCL) to write up a suggested format, instructions and rules, we need to understand your preferences for the pilot event. Our intent is to write up instructions that make this as simple as possible.


1. What time control to be used ?

2. Will schools know the player match-ups the day prior to tournament ?


09/13/08 UPDATE:  Per WCL - Based on the following students should be able to have the pilot event USCF rated:


1. There will be a USCF TD on site at each venue.


FYI - An applicant for club Tournament Director (TD) accreditation must sign a statement indicating that he or she hasread, has access to, and will abide by the rules contained in USCF’s Official Rules of Chess.  Three-year renewable term.   Tournament Director Application.pdf


2. The entrants will either have USCF full memberships or a tournament membership will be purchased.


FYI - $7 Junior Tournament Membership age 25 or younger ($5 applied towards a USCF full membership if purchased within 60 days)


FULL MEMBERSHIP:  http://main.uschess.org/component/option,com_wrapper/Itemid,323/

$17 Student - age 12 or younger

$19 Youth - age 15 and under

$25 Young Adult - age 24 and under


09/13/08 UPDATE:  World Chess Live (WCL) is working with SCCA to host internet tournaments.

Comments (2)

Mike Games said

at 1:59 pm on Aug 6, 2008

Another option may be to have SC schools allow access to a defined IP/site. Good sites can provide it to be defined to school proxy servers. Seeking permission from either state or individual districts to do it may avoid individual local issues.

Jason Paddock said

at 2:32 pm on Aug 6, 2008

I'm not sure how the backend of district servers work, so I'm not sure if defining a specific IP would work or not. However, having the state education website with some sort of portal would most definitely be helpful.

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