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Page history last edited by Mike Games 15 years, 2 months ago

Goals For the Upcoming Year:

These are goals that have been discussed and ratified (or something like ratified).


1. Identify and document scholastic chess activity within each SC public school district

2. Establish scholastic chess club(s) within each SC public school district

3. Recruit one Scholastic Local Area Contact for each SC public school district.

4. Increase competitive events for scholastics

5. Support participation in USCF events. 



Possible Goals :

These are possible goals for this year or a future time.


1. Establish three additional tournaments

     one OPEN unrated...one OPEN unrated & rated....one rated invitational

2. Establish one all girls tournament 

3. Establish and grow college chess

4. Promote summer chess camp(s)

5. Promote chess in school curriculum

6. Identify & mentor scholastic leaders

7. Create an annual SCCA award(s) for scholastic activity (define metrics & eligibility)

8. Establish non-profit organization for scholarships (define eligibility)

9. Establish an association of SC chess volunteers/teachers/instructors/coaches to support scholastic chess. 



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