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Welcome to the SCCA Scholastic Chess wiki


South Carolina Chess Association (SCCA)

state affiliate of

US Chess Federation (USCF)

This site is a resource for schools, teachers, organizers, supporters and players to establish and grow chess for scholastics.  This site is also for planning, organizing, and coordinating state and local scholastic chess efforts and activates.   Join us in identifing, and defeating, challenges to establishing and growing more scholastic chess in South Carolina.   We need your ideas, your energy, and your experience to join ours.   Join us in defining goals for this year and beyond.


Reference- SC Schools With Chess & Resources For School and Chess Club Organizers


“Chess is recognized as the ultimate game and is not simply a game but a learning tool for the development of the mind, and just happens to be in the form of a game. How fortunate we all are to have an easy method of exercising and developing much deeper thought processes in our minds while also amusing the simpler side of our nature.” - www.chess-poster.com


Young Bobby Fischer                             Young Susan Polgar                         Young Josh Waitzkin         



Young Maurice Ashley


USCF Certified Chess Coach Program - go to SideBar at right - Coaches and Instructors in South Carolina


Educators Section

"Fortune favours the prepared mind"  ~Louis Pasteur




Coaches and Volunteers Section

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."  ~Franklin Delano Roosevelt




Players Section

"Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius."  ~Robert Brault



The elite Denker, Polgar, and Barber and  USCF National Girls' Invitational Tournaments !


Click on one of the above tournament names and see what all the excitement is about. 




Student representatives are from the annual SC Scholastic Championship. Top finishing High School player will receive funding assistance towards the Denker Tournament.  Top finishing female participant (preferably from the High School section) will receive funding assistance towards the Polgar Tournament.


Congratulations to the 2013 representatives!


Kevis Tsao will travel to Madison, Wisconsin for the Denker Tournament of High School Champions.


Neha Dias  will play in the USCF National Girls' Invitational Tournament in Madison, Wisconsin.


Tori Whatley will attend the Susan Polgar Girls Invitational in St. Louis, Missouri.


Aidan Fejzulai earned his spot at the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions, which, will be played alongside the Denker in Madison, Wisconsin.



  Past Representatives 


  Denker                                Polgar                                     Barber                                 USCF Girls' National Invitational

  2013 - Kevis Tsao                     2013 - Tori Whatley                  2013 - Aidan Fejzulai            2013 - Neha Dias       

  2012 - Zach Templeton        2012 - Tori Whatley                  2012 - Kevis Tsao

  2011 - Daniel Caiello            2011 - Tori Whatley                  2011 - Kevis Tsao

  2010 - Kenzie Moore            2010 - Tori Whatley

  2009 - Daniel Dodds             2009 - Kristen Snowdeal

  2008 - Michael Lauria           2008 - Tori Whatley      


RESULTS: 2012 South Carolina Scholastic Championships


Scholastic Spotlight 2008 - Present





 For the uninitiated, how much do you really know about chess?

..or why chess is better than video games !!

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The history of chess in South Carolina is rich ( see http://www.scchess.org/history/history.htm ) and has been fortunate in the creation of the SCCA (South Carolina Chess Association) which was due in large part to the efforts of Mr. Elmer B. Hallman of Spartanburg.  A resolution adopted at the association's 1926 organizational meeting noted that Mr. Hallman "by the exercise of his energy, tact, enthusiasm and zeal, brought about such interest, in South Carolina, in the game of chess as to make a State Chess Association a possibility. . . ."


Please support the SCCA's scholastic chess with the same energy, tact, enthusiasm and zeal.  The actions of today shape the future of tomorrow.


THANK YOU for visiting and for knowing the value of chess !


If you are interested in being more involved in South Carolina scholastic chess, you've come to the right place.  Contact me anytime. 

David Whatley


South Carolina Chess Association Scholastic Coordinator

North Augusta, SC 29860

803-442-9060 (anytime)



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